Savannah + Scott

16 March 2019

It finally happened! My best friend is engaged to the man of her dreams! All the hay bail lifting, sweeping, and secret planning paid off. Scott has been planning this night with Mary Kay (her roommate) and I since February 6th. To say the anticipation was killing us would be an understatement! Savannah had been guessing the night all week and we convinced her it wasn’t for another month or so. Mary Kay drove her to the barn, all the while Bani thought they were on their way to dinner. MK really drove her a round-about back way to Fellowship Farms – the barn at our church. There was no suspicion until they drove through the gates leading to the barn, then Savannah knew. Mary Kay said, “follow the lights,” and the rest is history! Jesus was the center of the entire night and I couldn’t have been happier to celebrate with them. What an unreal, heavenly night! Congratulations, future Mr. + Mrs. Harned!